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The workbook

Earlier in the year I wrote about attending a business bootcamp by business coach Karen Yates.  More recently, I attended another one of her workshops, the Social Media Strategy Bootcamp. This was held on Friday 22nd September in the Radisson Blu Hotel on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I decided to go along to this because although I have already been using social media quite a bit for my business, I admit that I don’t currently have a set strategy in place and I know I could do with one.

Karen’s workshops are rather popular and she had about 20 students at this one. The format is a presentation by Karen accompanied by her guiding us through these brilliant workbooks, that are easy to follow and full of very useful teachings and exercises. This is much like the format of the Ideas Into Action bootcamp, except focused entirely on social media.

We looked at such topics as why social media is important, who our customer is and what the best platforms for our types of businesses were. I already knew that LinkedIn had been best for getting me clients so far, and so I had the confirmation to concentrate my efforts on that social media platform the most. We looked at all the current popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and Whatsapp. We learned what each platform’s best uses were, as well as some fascinating statistics about some of them.

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My 90 day promise

Towards the end of the class, Karen had us write on these giant post-it notes our social media goals for the next 90 days. Mine are in the photo on the right: “Increase engagement; create more original content; purpose more content; have a complete strategy”. Definitely some good things to work on in the immediate future. She has since had them all typed up and posted as images on to her Facebook group, which is a great community I’d recommend joining. It complements her courses well and it’s also quite good for online networking with people in Edinburgh.

We were also given plenty of blank weekly and monthly calendars to take away and fill in with our plans, which I’m excited to use. I already regularly used the Hootsuite scheduling platform, but these calendars will be very useful for more efficient planning the in long term and keeping my content consistent, structured and varied.

Some fun to end the day was when Karen decided to do a short Facebook Live (which was touched on during the class) broadcast to her Facebook group. A bit of theory we’ve learned done in practice!

To be honest, I’m unsure how Facebook Live would be useful for me for marketing my own virtual assistant business, but it’s very good to know about it anyway. If anything, I now have some useful knowledge and skills that I can use to help my clients when assisting with their business activities.

Karen Yates Social Media Strategy Bootcamp Facebook Live Toks Adebanjo Virtual Assistant blog review

Facebook Live!

On the whole, this was another very good bootcamp by Karen Yates that I would highly recommend. I was able to build upon my existing social media knowledge and skills with the support of a vibrant coach and enthusiastic classmates. I think it is also a great workshop for beginners who are totally new to social media for business. You won’t become a social media marketing expert in one day. However, what you will come away with is a head and workbook full of guiding information and plenty of tools to DIY your own business social media.

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Class in action

I hope you enjoyed this review. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.