By retainer

To use my services for a set amount of time each month, you can retain this time in advance by paying an upfront charge of the number of hours needed at £30 each. Minimum retainer amount is 5 hours a month at £150.

Retainers last for one month, I track the time used and any unused hours will be lost after the month has passed. I’ll send you a reminder of when you are close to running out, and you can purchase extra hours if needed.

New client and not sure how many hours you need? Hours can be rolled over if needed in the first three months only of us working together whilst we establish our routine and working relationship. After three months, we should have determined a suitable retainer length and hours will no longer be rolled over.


 By project

You might have a project in mind that may be better suited to being charged at a tailored flat rate. Please discuss the necessary details with me and we can negotiate a suitable initial quote. We’ll take into consideration factors such as time needed and type of tasks performed.


Need minute taking or transcription services?

If you want to hire me for minute taking or transcription only, it is likely most appropriate to charge you on an hourly basis in arrears, since it may be difficult to accurately predict the amount of time needed to complete each job. Hourly rate is £30.