By the hour

£25 an hour is my pay-as-you-go rate. I use time-tracking software and round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. I’ll regularly send you a report displaying the time breakdown of the tasks I have worked, along with your invoice.

 By retainer

If you know that you will need my services for a set amount of time each month, you can retain this time in advance by paying an upfront charge of the number of hours needed at £25 each. You will also have priority of my time over my pay-as-you-go clients.

Retainers last for one month, I track the time used and any unused hours will be lost after the month has passed. I’ll send you a reminder of when you are close to running out, and you can purchase extra hours if needed.

 By project

You might have a project in mind that may be better suited to being charged at a flat rate. Please discuss the necessary details with me and we can negotiate a suitable initial quote. We’ll take into consideration factors such as time needed and type of tasks performed.