Karen Yates Ideas Into Action Business Bootcamp booklet Edinburgh April 2017I met the enthusiastic North Berwick-based business coach Karen Yates at various networking events in Edinburgh. She invited me to her new business bootcamp being held in the Radisson Blu Hotel on the Royal Mile on 21st April. This one-day course is called Ideas Into Actions! and costs £49. It’s designed to give you a helping hand if you’re feeling a bit unsure of what the next steps are to take with growing your business and how to implement them.

The bootcamp was in a spacious training room in the hotel with round tables and free tea, coffee, biscuits and water all day. Karen promotes it as a “networking meeting meets a workshop”, which is certainly was as we got the chance to converse and work with other people at our tables. The turnout was great as there were about 30 people in attendance.

Karen had created these lovely workbooks full of great exercises to work through. The ones I found particularly useful were how to create my sales funnel, how to perfect my brand and drawing in my wheel of life. There were also plenty of blank spaces in the workbooks to write notes, as well as adverts for her other services and suggestions for third party business resources. These learning materials were complimented well by Karen’s talking and slideshow presentation.

One of my favourite features of the day was the “networking wall”. This is where we could write short profiles about our businesses on large pieces of paper on the wall, as well as a line about what we need help with. This provided a way to advertise our businesses to everyone in the room as well as to help find useful contacts to connect and collaborate with.

All in all, I thought this bootcamp was really great and a cost-effective way of getting a bit of training and support for your business from an expert. Karen herself has always had her own businesses for over 30 years and so she knows what she’s talking about. I would definitely recommend her workshop to any new or established business owner who could do with the confidence boost.