As of February 2023, I charge £35 an hour (or the equivalent for projects and packages). This is slightly higher than the current average rate for a UK-based VA. VAs from the UK also tend to charge more than VAs from developing countries such as the Philippines, mostly due to differing costs of living, which I talk more about in this other blog post.

Now, I know some people argue that you shouldn’t have to justify your prices to anyone. However, instead of just writing off potential clients who may not know any better, I’d rather be more compassionate and educate people where I can. After all, nobody wants to waste money, and I think it’s wise to be able to make an informed decision about the things you invest in.

So, here are my reasons for my prices…

6+ years of experience as a VA (as of 2023)

I started my VA business in late 2016 after studying HND Administration and IT in college and previously working as an administrator and receptionist. Like many business owners, I’ve long gone through that period of learning and making mistakes, so now I know the best practices in business that work for myself and my clients.

I’ve got a lot more confidence to get to work and not second-guess my abilities as much as I used to at the beginning. I also know who my target market is and who I best work with – I’m not a generalist that would work with just anyone.

I’ve also gained a lot of experience in the various different tools that I now use regularly with my clients with ease, such as WordPress (for creating and hosting your website), Asana (for project management and collaboration between team members), Canva (for creating many different types of graphics for your business), ActiveCampaign (for email marketing, automations and CRMs), and much more. So I have the specialist knowledge and experience to assist you with a range of admin and marketing support tasks.

In demand

I regularly receive many incoming leads for my services and often have to put people on a waiting list when I’m at capacity. This is because of how well I do my marketing and the positive reputation that I’ve built in my field. Therefore, I can afford to charge a higher rate in order to focus my energy on a smaller selection of quality clients.

Not just an order taker

I don’t just blindly take orders – I’m your proactive right-hand woman! I will question you if I think something seems amiss, and I’ll make suggestions that may improve the way we’re doing things. It’s obviously the client that has the final say in decisions, but often they are grateful for the fresh insights and new ideas. It’s great for them to have a critical thinker on their team that can keep them in check and add that little extra value to their business.

Attention to detail

I’ve been described by my clients as very eagle-eyed. I’m quick to notice a spelling mistake, grammar error, extra space or a misaligned shape. I make effort to be very thorough in my work (perfectionist, anyone?). This is why my clients love to use me for proofreading and copyediting alongside the other vital tasks that I do for them. So if you want to maintain closer-to-perfect and more professional-looking content, then I’m your girl!

Professional development

I’ve spent years perfecting my craft, not only on the job but also from doing countless hours of training, learning and development, in the form of reading books, doing courses and masterclasses, and receiving mentoring and coaching. This all costs me time and money, and this value is then passed on to my clients so that I can do the best job that I can for them.

Working with a high quality team of VAs

I delegate some work to associate VAs as agreed per client. I carefully select and vet my associates, all of whom have lots of experience and skills, as well as hold business insurance and are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. I pay them a good rate for their quality, and subsequently I take my reasonable cut from that. Therefore, I cannot afford to offer lower rates when doing this.

To eat and not be homeless

Cost of living crisis, innit? 😉 Price of food, energy and everything is going up at the moment, so I’ve got to ensure that I can manage to keep on top of all my bills.

To conclude…

Thank you for reading. Now you hopefully have a better idea of why I charge my rates. If costs are still an issue for you, then feel free to check out my blog post on ideas of what you can do when you can’t afford a VA.

However, if you are ready to talk, please contact me at