We have been working with Toks for the last 6 months since she was recommended to us by another agency and can’t thank her enough. Toks helped and supported us in writing and sending emails, writing and uploading blog content and scheduling our social media posts.

We totally recommend Toks if you’re looking for support with your marketing activity as she always delivered high-quality work and hit all of our deadlines.

Thanks Toks 🙂

Carol Wallace

Digital Marketing Strategist, Creative Hutch

Toks is my “right hand woman” for managing the ATOMIC Growth Club membership. She does all of the member communications from the weekly email to the Facebook Group posts and nails it without me every needing to micro-manage. I can pursue the more strategic projects to develop the membership with 100% faith that she is always on the ball.

She is also super pro-active in coming to us when she notices something isn’t quite right and foresees issues BEFORE they become one. She just jumps in and sorts it without waiting for me or someone else to tell her.

Because of this her role has expanded in recent months and she is now taking on even more support from managing member events to proofreading copy and so much more. This is because we know we can rely on her to be brilliant at everything she does 🙂

Michelle Lucherini

Director of Operations and Operations Consultant, Michelle Lucherini

Toks stepped in at the last minute to support me at a crucial time in my business. She was flexible, supportive and calm which was just what I needed. Thank you Toks!

Emer O'Leary

Visual Facilitation Trainer and Coach, Emer O'Leary Studios Ltd

Louise Brogan

LinkedIn Marketer, Louise Brogan

I hired Toks to support me at my annual FutureSeed online event which ad over 110 delegates. Toks is very professional, easy to work with and quickly understood what I needed. She supported my event via managing the Zoom breakouts, the chat and information sharing. She’s already been approached by people who attended that event who are looking for a reliable online event VA. I would definitely hire her again and highly recommend her!

Mel Larsen

Business Coach and Marketing Consultant, Dream Project Coach

I love having Toks on my team. Not only is she always bright and happy at EVERY meeting we have together, I know I can let her get on with it. I trust her.

You will know if you have ever had a disappointing delegation experience that being able to trust and not worry about working with a VA is a hugely valuable thing.

Whatever your business problem, I can assure you that Toks will either be able to get you infinitely more organised with this and if she can’t she will be able to find you the right person who can and then help you delegate those tasks to them in a way that makes your day to day running a business a whole lot easier.

Laura Pearman

Branding Strategist, Creative Director and Brand Photographer, Laura Pearman Creative

Toks is a great VA. She goes above and beyond and thinks outside of what is requested. Not just a fresh pair of eyes but a fresh take and perspective on work that is usually perceived as mundane and rudimentary. She helped me to get my first collection of short stories from notepad to publication. In addition to this Toks is helping me create my first programme on how to foster engagement through collaboration. I would not have been able to do half of what I’ve done without her help.

Kate Isichei

Internal Communications Consultant, Where To Look Communications

Toks supports the organisation of our business membership, ATOMIC. Our operations manager Michelle has been happily working closely with Toks, and together they regularly update the content, calendar and events. Toks did so well working with us from the beginning, that she passed the two month trial period after only one month.

Toks is now an integral part of our team – she’s reliable, dependable, and a joy to work with.

Toks has great attention to detail – she’s good at proofreading and editing our content for any minor mistakes. She’s also proactive at giving us ideas on how to improve our membership AND proactive in fixing mistakes, we didn’t know were even there.

You rock, Toks! Thank you for always being awesome!

Andrew Pickering

Marketing Agency, Andrew and Pete

Toks was a reliable extra pair of hands that always delivered to a very high standard. She carried out tasks on WordPress & Canva effortlessly and gave me the confidence to turn these over with minimal input from myself. She’s thorough and very professional. Toks was able to enable me to spend my time more effectively. Thank you for your support! I would recommend Toks to any businesses looking to grow.

Tammy Smith

Owner, Virtually Tammy

Toks is great. She is efficient and resourceful. I’m a freelance business psychologist and I also run a hair and beauty business. Toks has helped me with administrative and research tasks for both businesses and she turns work around really quickly and has made my life easier. I cannot recommend her highly enough she is a great asset. I’m really happy I found her.

Kaemorine Prendergast

Business Psychologist and Hair and Beauty Business Owner, KAP and Associates and Celebrity Mane

I have worked with Toks a couple of times now and every experience has been excellent. Toks is prompt when delivering work but also in terms of communication she is always clear and ready to answer any questions. Having worked with her on two quite different projects it’s really reassuring to know if something comes up I can just drop her a quick email for some help. I would really recommend Toks and will certainly be using her again moving forward.

Camilla Gordon

Facilitator and Trainer, Camilla Gordon

We had a member of the team off sick so I asked Toks to help out with some WordPress amends for a client. Communication was fantastic and she turned them around perfectly well within the deadlines. Would definitely recommend and wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again.

Lewis Kemp

CEO, Lightbulb Media

I asked Toks to do some business research for me because I knew I didn’t have time to do it myself. Her approach was ultra-methodical (exactly what I needed) and it was such a relief to know she was getting the job done for me while I was tied up with other things. Her processes are highly professional (I could do with emulating some of them) and delivery punctual. Highly recommended for her skills and dependability.

Julia Lister

Web Content Creator, Cairngorms Webhelper

I have multiple occupations – I’m a broadcaster, singer, podcaster and social media manager. When I began to get too overwhelmed with everything on my plate, I knew I could no longer do everything myself. Luckily Toks was referred to me by a mutual connection and I took her on to assist in my social media management business.

She has done an amazing job helping me to create a course booklet and producing my weekly newsletter for me, which has received lots of great feedback. I’m now planning to have her assist with my own social media content so that I can focus on my clients’. Many thanks Toks for doing a great job so that I can focus on my own jobs!

Eloho Efemuai

Social Media Manager, HSL Social

Toks is great to work with. She took the time to understand my needs and requirements and met deadlines and work product requirements very well. She ensured I received work I was happy with. Quality is her hallmark. I highly recommend Toks to entrepreneurs and companies looking for outsourced support for their business.

Jennifer Duclair

Bar Exam Mentor and Attorney Life Coach, Beat The Bar!

I have engaged in Toks’ services for a number of ad-hoc tasks. Whether that’s researching a topic that I need insight on for a meeting, analysing my social media profiles or even sending out Christmas cards to my clients – she always delivers within the agreed timescale and brief. I lead a very busy lifestyle with my various roles and travels, so having Toks on hand to do these tasks for me has been a life-saver. I appreciate her valuable assistance as it means that I can focus on the things in my work that most require my attention.

Uche Ezichi

Executive Coach, Speaker and Author, Uche Ezichi

This is the second time I have used Toks and would highly recommend her – she saved me lots of time to get on with what I do.

Audrey Paterson

Network Marketer, Audrey Jean Paterson

Initially I wasn’t sure how a Virtual PA was going to work. Then I met Toks, by chance, at a conference and we got chatting. She told me that she manages people’s inboxes, diaries and can do support tasks like research. As our company grew, so did my inbox, to a level that required more and more valuable attention from me. I felt I couldn’t sustainably look after it anymore. It was hard to filter what was and wasn’t important.

With Toks managing my email and coordinating things that need my attention or that of other staff, I now feel truly liberated. I can spend more time on the things that really matter, knowing I’ve got someone who would flag things that may still need more urgent attention. I can really recommend Toks as an amazing virtual PA.

Dirk Bischof

Social Entrepreneur and CEO, Hatch Enterprise

Toks has been assisting me in my business for many months. She has been such a fabulous source of support and information and advice. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and also very patient in instructing me and guiding me in various digital marketing techniques. Toks is very reliable, helpful and offers a quick turnaround. I really highly recommend her.

Gillian Dalgliesh

Life Coach and Hypnotherapist, Gillian Dalgliesh Therapies

I’d just written an ebook in Microsoft Word and I needed help in formatting and publishing my ebook on Amazon. Toks delivered exactly what I needed by the deadline given and also found me lots of great suggestions for marketing it. Her much-needed assistance meant that I could put my head down and focus on writing my main book. I’m very happy to be on Kindle now, and will definitely be in touch with her again when I have other tasks to outsource.

Juliette Chan

Emotional Recovery Specialist, Altered Dawn CIC

Diligent, friendly, organised, efficient, thorough, accurate. All words you want to associate with a VA and all words I would use to describe Toks and her work. She recently undertook some admin tasks including data entry, researching addresses and creating mailing labels which she did to a high standard and delivered to our agreed deadline. With this in mind, I would recommend Toks if you are looking for general admin support for your small business.

Mel Sherwood

Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Mel Sherwood Ltd

Working with Toks was an absolute pleasure. Toks helped me manage my business while on holiday and was on the ball with every problem that arose while I was away. Complimenting her excellent administration skills, she is an adept problem solver and immediately feels like a long term trusted employee the moment she starts working with you.

Alan Page-Duffy

Director, Desk Junction

Toks is a highly professional and effective VA. Aside from being prompt to fulfil on the requested assignment, she actively engaged to ensure that she had achieved the necessary goals I had set out. I would definitely recommend using her services.

Ronke Lawal

PR and Communications Consultant, Ariatu PR

I needed Toks’ help both virtually and on-site at my new networking event. I made her assistant organiser to moderate the Meetup page, keeping an eye on numbers, replying to comments and also promoting it on social media. We got a great turn-out rate at the event and managed to fill up the room. Whilst my business partner and I were running about picking up speakers from the airport and getting the refreshments sorted, Toks was there to meet and greet the guests and assist with time-keeping. I’m grateful for Toks’ assistance in what turned out to be a successful event that everyone enjoyed.

Anna Publico-Ong

Director, Picodeliq Enterprises Ltd

Toks did an excellent job in helping me to do a Facebook campaign. She has great written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.

Aleksandra J Hannah

Interior Designer, Skela Studio

Toks was a very quick learner on our recruitment day procedures and using the applicant tracking system when she first started here. She is good at interviewing the candidates and extracting all the right information out of them, as well as objectively assessing their suitability for the role they’ve applied for and collating all the correct information to send off for background screening.

Recruitment Officer, UK Security Company

Toks has made a great contribution here. Her most useful achievement has been creating and keeping a segmented mailing list to facilitate contact with volunteers and supporters. Toks has prepared marketing materials, done data entry and recruitment tracking. She has been reliable and punctual, demonstrating great communication skills and work ethic.

Gardens Co-Ordinator, Edinburgh Charity

Toks was a very organised worker who was great at quickly learning how to use the different systems and did a lot to help support our busy office. She was vastly efficient at many tasks, from email management and client services to supporting the marketing and website of one of our affiliate companies. Her skills are rather diverse and she always performed to a timely manner. I recommend her without any reservations.

Manager, London Accountancy Firm

It’s reassuring how she takes care of things so I can relax on holiday, focus my mind on facilitating intensive workshops abroad or on delivering a week long training course, whatever the situation. This offers continuity to existing clients meaning I can be overall more efficient in my business rather than juggling more than I need to.

Toks’ support has really helped, and I’m drawing her help more regularly as my business continues to grow.

Malcolm Currie

Mediator, Negotiator & Founder, Strathesk Resolutions

Working with Toks, was great. She was highly organised, reliable and implemented a comprehensive database within our organisation.

Emma Sithole

Co-Founder & Executive Director, BE United

A joy to work with. Toks is extremely conscientious and diligent. Moreover she exudes positive energy and that’s (in my opinion) an overlooked asset. I couldn’t recommend enough.

Ross Anderson

Wellbeing Sciences & Human Optimisation Speaker and Trainer, Ross Anderson

Toks ensured the delivery of our online event was a huge success, providing a calm professionalism which allowed everyone, from speakers to audience and the Poetry Archive and Obsidian Foundation teams to have a great time whilst meeting all our objectives – highly recommended!

Tracey Guiry

Chief Executive, Poetry Archive

I approached Toks to work with me as one of my VA associates to support a number of my clients on various tasks. For the past six months she has done research, data entry, writing and sending sales emails, and social media support. I find her to be very reliable, organised, always willing to help she can, and her work ethics align with our work values. Her communication is 100%, which is always important. It also helps that she has a passion for the sorts of clients I work with.

I’ve loved having her on my team, and I’d certainly recommend her for yours too, whether you’re fellow VA or business owner needing to outsource some admin.

Chloe Jessamy

Online Business Manager and Business Coach, Supportal Business Services

We approached Toks over a year ago to help us with various recruitment-related admin tasks. As a small business, admin was just taking up too much of our time. Toks was able to translate what we needed and how best to help us.

Outsourcing this work to Toks has been a massive time-saver! She picked up what we needed really quickly and does a great job on everything we ask of her. She expanded her team of associates over time to meet our growing needs and trained them all up to make sure that all these jobs get done to the quality we need, in a timely manner. She also implemented a new system in our business to better manage and organise this work, which has been a game-changer for us.

As a result of Toks’ support, we’ve been able to focus on more of our core business activities with our clients and candidates which we are confident has translated directly to increased revenue. Thanks so much Toks!

Kiri O'Brien

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Druthers Search

Because of lockdown, many of my courses have been offered online. Toks has been great managing these Zoom events, and also at taking notes and following up with evaluations. Knowing she was dealing with the practicalities, allowed me to focus on the participants. Perfect!
Gillian Neish

Training Consultant, Neish Training

Working with Toks has been a great help to my business. I have relied on her to manage on-boarding and ad-hoc tasks. I know that the work will be done and Toks will come with suggestions for improvements. Its also very easy to work Toks.
Sabrina Clarke-Okwubanego

Serial Entrepreneur, Build Global and Liberian Business Alliance

I asked Toks to take on some tasks for me as I was finding them overwhelming. Initially, I wasn’t sure if it was the kind of work she did but I had a chat with her anyway. I needed a large document, proof-read, designed and formatted. As soon as I had a chat with Toks about it I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. She took the whole thing from me, kept me informed of the changes she made and took my continued feedback about what I wanted completely on board without any fuss. This freed up my time immensely and allowed me to get on with tasks I enjoyed.

I cannot recommend Toks highly enough. I have already got a few more things lined up for her for the future. Please do not hesitate to have a chat with her about her work. She is lovely.

Gin Lalli

Solution Focused Therapist, Gin Lalli

Toks did such a great job on adding case studies to my website, WordPress got the better of me and I just didn’t have time to work it out. I explained to Toks what I needed, she absolutely nailed, she found solutions to some of the problems AND injected some creativity into it at the same time. She set it all up, let me look at the draft, tweaked it a bit and now the page is live!

It was the first time I had worked with Toks, she made if effortless. The communication was great and I knew I could trust her. I highly recommend her to support your business!

Becky Horsfall

Business Support Specialist, The Agile Consultant

Toks is helping with some post training admin for our company that I found quite burdensome to do myself. The tasks she’s carried out for us- personalising certificates and letters and sending out individual emails – have been done excellently and in double-quick time. Honestly, it would have taken me hours!

I have found Toks to be efficient, accurate, pro-active, ultra responsive and fast. I’m more than happy with her service and I’m hoping I can find more ways we can use her.

Nicola Hollings

Director, Internal Family Systems UK

Kudos, I really appreciate all that you do. 
If you are looking for a likeable, personable, professional VA 5* service, then look no further. Toks did a really great job on my back of house website landing page for my new online Diarrhoea Controller self study workbook and audio course. She listened to what I wanted gave some very valid points and delivered it on time. Really pleased with the service all-round. Thanks Toks.
Julie L Timms

Owner, The Diarrhoea Controller

It’s been a pleasure to work with Toks. She’s responsive, reliable and thoughtful in her work and always open to discussing new projects and ideas.

Bryony Rust

Speech and Language Therapist, SaLT By The Sea

Toks has been assisting us for the past year with scouting talent for our new platform for creatives that we’re developing. We really value her work ethic and think she’s an excellent person to have on the team. She is very enthusiastic about our project and likes to go the extra mile for us and our clients. Many thanks for all the hard work so far.

Aji Ayorinde

Social Entrepreneur and Founder, MIA London and Ubuuru

I’ve been working with Toks for a few months on a new project. Toks has efficiently undertaken a range of tasks for me including administration and research. Reducing my workload and regularly keeping me updated with her progress. If you have admin to get through, send it to Toks your life – will be better for it.

Claire Watson

Photographer, Claire Watson Photography

I enjoy working with Toks – you give her a task and she just gets on with it. She was instrumental in supporting the launch of my new business, in which she spent many hours researching and recording prospective customers for us to send mailshots too. Not only this, but she also followed my marketing plan to create several posts for our Facebook page, taking the initiative to source images and articles, create Canva graphics and write content. I saved so much time having her take on these tasks and she’s worth every penny.

Will Seymour

Director, Artistica Digital

I want to say thanks to Toks for assisting me with updating my WordPress website – it’s looking much better to the public now. She has also helped me with creating and editing various Word documents. She is very proactive in finding solutions to any problem and offering useful suggestions to move things forward. I find Toks so easy to work with and I look forward to continuing the build the relationship.

Josie Shakes

Managing Director, ProVibrant Clean

As a creative, actor, filmmaker, producer, the work that I do is not of the typical. In recent years my strategies have taken on a more focused energy and purpose. The writing and producing of my own works has grown in importance. I am also a great believer in the virtual office system and how this philosophy creates more time and security regarding documents, contracts, ease of communications worldwide, environmental benefits and related. It was extremely important that I find a professional, resourceful, friendly Virtual PA who would be a brilliant communicator, gatekeeper, taking initiative on my behalf. I thoroughly recommend Toks and TAVA Services.

Despite the somewhat unusual nature of my work, Toks is a thorough, detailed PA, of exceptional discernment and judgement. There is a need for empathy and patience in my work, in particular communicating with manifold artists, who can be challenging at times. Toks is very astute and capable of working with a variety of personalities and on a diverse range of projects. Toks is a primary member of my small team and as my work expands and grows there is no doubt her contribution will continue to be invaluable.

Aidan Crowley

Actor and Producer, 593illuminati

Toks worked very well with me on a client social media project. She was able to quickly adapt to the software we were using and followed the brief and implementation plan with ease. Toks communicated effectively with me on the design work and posting across 3 platforms. I was very happy with the results of our collaboration and would happily recommend Toks for other VA work.

Louisa Stewart

Owner, Blue Ninja Business Support

Toks helped me to put together an online course that I will be launching in September. She also proofread other documents and helped me to make a speech for a networking event that I will attend later in the year. As English is my second language I do need help to make my documents and guides perfect. I will recommend Toks anytime and probably will use her services in the nearer future.

Claudia Romero Espinosa

Founder, Claudia Romero Coaching

I really enjoyed working with Toks. She is very diligent and is willing to make suggestions for the best. I’ll recommend her any day.

Adisa Amanor-Wilks

Director, Abjel Communications

Toks recently helped me with a few admin services for my business, such as register all my business cards accumulated from my networking for the last 8 months. She provided a very detailed data file and created a CRM that I could use to market my services.

She needed very little direction from me, and instead she took initiative and advised me on the best solutions for my needs. A great quality in my view!

Toks definitely saved me money in that I could concentrate on my business knowing that I could trust her to facilitate and complete the admin work.

Toks also offered me some very useful tools to help me assess what administrative services could be outsourced. I was very impressed by her follow-up and the techniques she suggested.

Thank you again Toks.

Anita Sauvage

Bilingual Emotional Intelligence Coach, Speaker and Facilitator, Anita Sauvage & Associates

Toks recently wrote a blog post in the style of a press release to promote my business ‘RK Creative’. She was very thorough and professional and completed the article by the deadline we had agreed on. In addition to this, she was a very friendly person to work with and produced a very well written document for RK Creative. I am proud to showcase it on my website and social media platforms.

I highly recommend Toks’ blogging services.

Becca Kim

Director, RK Creative

Toks did an excellent job transferring details from 500 business cards to an excel spreadsheet and online CRM as well as investigating automated solutions. Toks was helpful, efficient, and went over and above to get the work done and completed to a high standard. I was especially impressed by her clear communication about job progress and what was possible within the agreed time. Many thanks Toks.

Andy Johnston

Graphic and Brand Designer, Andelad

We had a short contact with Toks as we needed someone to build a new database for our company. In other words desk research. She very quickly understood what was required and undertook the project in a diligent and professional manner. And went further than was expected. We would happily recommend her services as a virtual assistant.

Spencer Cullen

Managing Director, Cullen European Freight