For those of you not familiar with this concept, the wheel of life is a tool used in life coaching to help you identify how well different aspects of your life is, as well as work out what needs improving upon and how to go about it. Below is an example of how one might look, as well as its various labels.

Wheel of Life Toks Adebanjo Virtual Assistant help

Image credit and instructions on how you would use this wheel of life can be found on the Start of Happiness website.

If after completing such an exercise you find that you’re lacking in certain areas, I can show you how a virtual assistant can help you to improve within these areas.


The vital support that virtual assistants provide will help your business to grow beyond what you could have imagined doing by yourself. You could take on more clients, offer more services, maybe even eventually take on more staff. Teamwork makes the dream work, as they say!


Outsourcing time-consuming admin tasks means you have more time to spend on your money-making business activities. Instead of spending so much time on admin that you’re not getting paid for, why not instead spend £25 an hour on a virtual assistant so that you can go earn hundreds of pounds on your exciting work project. It’s a no-brainer really.


Is working too much causing your health to suffer? Outsource to your VA so that you can have more time to do whatever you need to do to work on your health, whether that’s to eat more regularly, eat more healthily or exercise more.

Better still, get your VA to research diets, exercise classes, personal trainers, specialist doctors, or whatever else you need. I personally network a lot so I can always keep my ears peeled and easily find referrals for you. I can also make orders and book appointments for you to add to your diary.

Friends & Family

Does working crazy hours mean that you have very little time to spend with friends and family? Delegate work to your VA so that you can work less and then actually have a life with loved ones, and not just clients and work associates.

Significant Other/Romance

Likewise, maybe work is taking over time from your partner. Or you’re single and don’t have the tie you’d like to go dating. Let your VA free up your time to go do these things. They could also research ideas for dates and venues and book them for you.

Personal Growth

You need to grow not only as a businessperson, but as a person. When your business isn’t totally taking over, you have more time to work on other important aspects of your life.

Fun & Leisure

Depending on how you decide to spend your freed up time from your VA doing your admin tasks, it could mean more time for fun and leisure. Especially as the business grows, you could get to a point where you can afford to work fewer hours, so treat yourself when you can. Likewise, get your VA to research and book leisure activities for you when needed.

Physical Environment

Whether you want to spend less time at work, move into bigger premises or buy a bigger house, the assistance from your VA will no doubt aid in making these goals happen.


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