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Hello. A lot of good things have been going on in the past few weeks, both in my personal and work life. So I thought I would share you some snippets.

Office work at G4S

As some of you may already know, I currently have a casual job with G4S, mainly doing event stewarding as well as recruitment assisting. I recently also got a new role with them helping in the office with data entry and clerical work on an ad-hoc basis. They said I was the first-choice candidate due to my LinkedIn profile. This is brilliant for the extra experience and cash that will compliment my VA work. And don’t worry, my business and clients take priority and I can balance it all very well.

Visiting 4Networking

I got invited by Neil Guthrie of Line 3 Media (who I met at Business Gateway and other events) to visit 4Networking in Leith. I came along as a guest one morning to where it’s held in Mimi’s Bakehouse, a lovely quirky café on The Shore. The price is £15 for breakfast and admin costs. It was a lovely meal with the most wonderful sausages (although I personally think it could have done with some haggis!). Everyone does a short pitch around the table, listens to a talk and gets to have three one-to-one meetings for ten minutes each with someone of their choosing. I enjoyed the event and would definitely consider attending again.

Business Women Scotland Exhibition

I went to a business exhibition on 23rd March called the Scottish Women in Business Live Event. It was held in the wonderful George Hotel and featured a variety of exhibitions and talks from many inspiring women (and men!) in business.

Signing a new client

I have just signed up a new client and I’m helping her to plan a new networking group. Watch this space, as more details will come as the project develops.

Getting engaged

After four years together, my boyfriend finally proposed to me last weekend. Needless to say, I am very thrilled with this. The next day I joined a few Facebook wedding groups to get some ideas and advice. A member in one of these groups recommended me to sign up to When you input the date you plan to get married, this website has a brilliant tool for telling you what you need to know and organise and in what order. The admin geek in me loves this!

Anyway, enough about me. I’m going to get on with some work now. But do let me know in the comments what you’d like me to blog about. You can also reach me at Thanks for reading!