where to find search a virtual assistant va toks adebanjo blog postSo you have decided that you would like to start using a virtual assistant, and you wonder where you could find one. Here is my blog post on a few ways you could find your perfect virtual assistant.

Search Engine

Whether you need a virtual assistant in a particular location, or one with a speciality skill, make sure you use the relevant keywords to find them in Google (or whatever your preferred search engine is). A good VA will ensure that their SEO is up to scratch and getting them near the top of search engine results.

Ask for recommendations/referrals from your network

Anyone can shout to the rooftops about how great they are. However, a second-hand recommendation tends to be more trustworthy. Therefore, it can be a good idea to ask in your network for a recommendation for a good VA. You will probably get referred to a VA that someone either knows personally or has had experience working with, thus you get that element of trust with them. Good ways of asking people are face-to-face, in Facebook groups, on your LinkedIn status, on Twitter, and in networking groups and events.


A lot of VAs advertise themselves in directories online. Some of these directory entries also break down the services offered by each and allow you to easily compare them side by side. So have a look at your local business directory, chambers of commerce, national directories such as Yell, virtual assistant directories, and even Gumtree.


LinkedIn is a good place to find B2B services, and so most VAs will be on there. Like Google, you could use the search function to search for a VA in a certain location or offering a certain niche service. Their LinkedIn profile should describe what they do and how they could help you, much like a mini website. Pay particular attention to any recommendations they have, as these are hard to fake and therefore very credible. If you also have any connections in common, this is a bonus as you know people who also know the VA and they could vouch for them.

VA Facebook Groups

There are a number of Facebook groups where VAs congregate to support each other and talk about working in their industry. These can also be a really good place to find a VA who is looking for work. If it complies with the group’s rules, then try joining and posting your requirements for a VA. If you cannot or do not want to join a group, then contact the owner of the group and ask to put up an ad in their group – you will find that they will be more than happy to help you out as well as provide opportunities to their group members. Be as specific as possible about the scope of work needed and skills required in order to attract enquiries from the right sort of VAs.

Ask a VA!

No two VAs are necessarily the same. Whilst most do admin work, some have other speciality skills, such as bookkeeping, minute taking, SEO, copywriting, web design, and much more. Likewise, some VAs specialise in a certain industry, for example, some work solely with therapists and will know that industry and their needs inside out, whereas another VA might have a focus on creative professionals. It’s important you choose the right VA for you in order for you to get the best out of them. So if the first VA you come across does not seem to be a match, they should hopefully also recognise this themself and redirect you to someone more suitable. I personally have a network of thousands of VAs around the UK and the world, and so I could easily find you someone if we happened to not be a right fit for each other.


I myself am a virtual assistant, in case you didn’t already realise. If you have decided that you do not want to look any further than this website, then go ahead and contact me to see what I can do for you. My telephone number is 07806449148 and my email address is toks@tavaservices.co.uk