Valentine's Day Virtual Assistant

So, good old Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. Maybe you are already well organised and everything prepared for that special day. Or, maybe work has gotten the best of you lately and you’ve been way too busy to even think about Valentine’s Day, let alone prepare anything!

No fear, for here are eight suggestions on how a virtual assistant can help save the day, your sanity, and possibly even your relationship!

1) Admin

This is probably an obvious one, but the whole point in a VA is to take away a lot of those pesky time-consuming admin tasks so that you’re not overwhelmed with too much work. You’ll not only have more time to do other more important business tasks, but you’re also freed up to make sure you spend enough of Valentine’s Day with your loved one.

2) Diary Management

Your VA can help you manage your diary and calendar for most of the year, making sure to have any important reminders in there. They can help you plan your work time better, prepare gifts and ensure that you keep Valentine’s night or weekend free to spend with your sweetheart.

3) Order flowers

Your VA could go to the shop or go online to order flowers of your choosing. Have them either sent to you so that you can present them to your partner in person, or sent straight to your partner at their home or work.

4) Order customised cards and gifts

There are various stores out there where you can choose and customise some lovely greeting cards and gifts with your own photos and words of your choice. Ones I’ve used myself that I would highly recommend are Moonpig and Funky Pigeon. Provide your VA with what they need and then let them order away!

5) Order customised sweets

If your lover has a sweet tooth, and if it’s also too late to get something ordered, send your VA down to Millie’s Cookies or Thorntons to personalise and pick up a giant cookie or chocolate for them.

6) Give them keys to your home

So that your VA can hand deliver gifts, lay rose petals on your bed, lay candles out, bring in groceries for you to cook a romantic dinner… whatever your heart desires!

7) Book a hotel and getaway trip

Searching for a good deal on travel and accommodation can be quite time-consuming, so let your VA take care of this so that you and your other half can finish work and look forward to a hassle-free romantic getaway.

8) Pick up a last minute gift from Ann Summers

Because you’re too embarrassed much too busy to go into the store yourself. Obviously.

This list of course isn’t extensive, but I hope it gave you a few ideas as to how helpful a virtual assistant could be for your business and your personal life. Thanks for reading!