You may have already found out this news from following me on social media. If not, here’s my official blog post to announce that I have been picked as a finalist for the Best Newcomer VA award in the UK VA Awards 2018!

Last week I was shortlisted, and this week they have put me through to the finals, which I’m very joyous about! The past 15 months of building up my virtual assistant business have certainly been a roller-coaster ride. It’s my very first business, so I had to learn a lot of new things on how to set up from scratch. It’s been hard work to constantly market myself and work with my many great clients, but I have loved the journey. I look forward to see where I can take this further in the future.


VA Conference and Office* Show

The winner and runner up of the award will be announced on 1st March at the VA Conference, co-located with the Office* Show (a business event for office professionals) at London’s Olympia that I had been planning to visit anyway. The fact that I’m now up for an award makes it all the more exciting now!

I can’t wait to see what happens at the event, as well as meet with other VAs, many of whom I have connected with online already but not met in person yet. I’m also very excited to meet some leaders in the VA Industry, such as my main VA trainer Joanne Munro of The VA Handbook, whose courses** I have done to help me set up and develop my business. Other top VA professionals that I look forward to hearing speak are Amanda Johnson of VA Coaching and Training and Caroline Wylie of Society of Virtual Assistants.

Of course, my main aim in attending is to discover what more I can learn about my profession and industry in order continually develop myself professionally.

If you are a fellow VA or office professional who is also going to be at the event, please say hello!

**Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link, so I will receive a commission if you make a purchase through it.